“Mamma” a heartfelt Italian song from 1940


Click on the line above to hear the Jerry Vale version.

 This post contains three items of interest: the words to “Mamma” with a translation into English. I suggest you look the words over before you listen to the two recorded versions. The first is by Jerry Vale (such a soft, pleasant voice) and the second by Andrea Bocelli, sung in operatic style. If you do a google search with “Youtube, “Mamma” as sung live by Andrea Bocelli” in the search bar I think you will be able to access Bocelli’s version live, in concert.


1 Mamma son' tanto felice                   Mother, I am so happy
2 Perché ritorno da te.                     Because I'm coming back to you.
3 La mia canzone ti dice                     My song says to you
4 Che (è) il più bel giorno per me.           That it’s my most beautiful day.
5 Mamma son' tanto felice.                   Mother, I’m so happy
6 Vivere lontano perché ?                    Why am I living so far away?
7 Mamma solo per te                        Mother, for you alone
8 La mia canzone vola.                      My song takes flight.
9 Mamma sarai con me                        Mother, you will be with me
10 Tu non sarai più sola.                  You won’t be alone any more.
11 Quanto ti voglio bene.                  How I love you!
12 Queste parole d'amore                  These words of love
13 Che ti sospira il mio cuore            That my heart sighs to you
14 Forse non s'usano più.                 Maybe they’re out of date.
15 Mamma la canzone mia, più bella sei tu
 Mother, my most beautiful song is you.
16 Sei tu la vita e per la vita non ti lascio mai più.
You are life itself and for the rest of my life I will never leave you. 
17 Sento la mano tua stanca       I feel your weary hand 
18 Cerca i miei riccioli d'or.    Reaching out for my golden curls.
19 Sento e la voce ti manca       I listen and your voice is faint
20 La ninna nanna d'allor.       (singing) the lullaby of years ago.
21 Oggi la testa tua bianca      Today your hair of white
22 Io voglio stringere al cuor   I would like to hug it to my heart.
Repeat verses 7-16

I have included below a link to a version of this song by Andrea Bocelli.
To access it, type in your search bar "youtube and https:?? etc. i.e. the address of the clip (below)


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