Love songs in Spanish for Enjoyment and Learning

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Love songs in Spanish for Enjoyment and Learning, by Robert S. Thomson.
Victoria: Godwin Books, 2015.  ISBN 978-0-9696774-9-9  126 pages, photographs. Paperback. $30. plus $5. postage. To see sample pages and reviews and to order visit:  Listed with

This is a clip of my 20 minute radio interview on Nov. 11, 2015 with CFAX radio:

This book contains 24  love songs in the Spanish language, all selected for quality and variety. The songs are from Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Panama, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. For each song there is a reliable Spanish version of the lyrics with an accurate translation. There are explanations of grammar, verb tenses, and idioms. Included is information about the composer, the recording artist/s, and the historical and cultural background.  A free CD contains recordings by artists such as Julio Iglesias, Placido Domingo, Carlos Gardel, Lola Beltran and Vicente Fernandez.

“Love Songs” has two purposes: (a) to reveal to readers the beauty of the lyrics and accompanying music. (b) to help students to acquire, through imitation, a good accent (achieved by listening to the songs over and over while repeating the lyrics out loud).  Expanding vocabulary and gaining cultural insight are other benefits. Teachers of Spanish will find eleven pages of teaching suggestions, including how to teach with cloze outlines.  The book’s format is 8.5 by 11 inches. Its coil spine allows the book to lie flat so that the reader can follow the words without having to hold the book. Some reference is made to relevant movies and  books.

The book contains these songs:

1  Solamente una vez
2  Amor, Amor
3  Noche de Ronda
4  Quizas? Quizas?
5  Cielito Lindo
6  Angelitos Negros
7  Siboney  
8  Cucurrucucu, Paloma
9  Historia de un amor
10  Sabor a mi
11  Caminito
12  Miraron llorar a este Hombre  
13   Piel Canela
14   Y que hiciste del amor que me juraste?
15   Di que no es verdad
16  Se me olvido otra vez
17 Granada
18  La Paloma
19   Hey!
20   Mi Buenos Aires Querido
21  El dia que me quieras
22   A media luz
23  Que nadie sepa mi sufrir
24  Las Mananitas

What Some Readers Have Said

Tu libro me gusta mucho y la selección de canciones que incluye.  De tu presentación me gustó en particular la forma en que explicabas la historia de las canciones, el momento que estaban viviendo los compositores al escribirlas. ~ Patricia Castañeda

You have a beautiful and unique book here and it all comes from your mind, soul, and hard work!  ~ Agustin Luviano-Cordero (Victoria B.C.)

I am thrilled with your book! ~ Lucy Orihuel (Sarasota, Florida)

You have compiled a wonderful array of songs and it’s great to have the words and stories with them. ~ Gabriela McBee (University of Victoria, B.C.)

I have listened to the CD and browsed though the book. The artists are truly wonderful – I loved listening to them. Your great love of the music impelled you to share it. Thanks.  ~ Ginny Chadwick (Victoria B.C.)

The photos are superb and I  love the historical anecdotes but what really  sealed it for me were the excellent selections on the CD. Spanish Love Songs indeed! Olé! ~ David Mazoff (Victoria B.C.)

Lo felicito a usted por su gran método de enseñanza. Es fantástico! Las canciones son maravillosas. Imagino lo mucho que sus alumnos las aprecian mucho y disfrutan la clase! ~ Zuri Aguirre (Tepic, Mexico)

Robert, Excelente trabajo! Muchas felicidades! ~ Ana Lucia Joch, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.

As a teacher of Spanish I found this book very helpful in teaching and re-enforcing grammar points to students. ~ Nora Robson, teacher of Spanish (Victoria B.C.)